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برترین های مسابقه جهانی فتوواک 2015

برترین های مسابقه جهانی فتوواک 2015

مسابقه جهانی فتوواک 2015 – Worldwide Photo Walk
Scott Kelby
هر ساله 10 فینالیست بعنوان برترین های این رویداد یعنی Top 10 ها را معرفی می کند و آنها از جایزه های مخصوص فینالیست ها بهره مند می شوند.
امسال نیز این برترین ها به ترتیب زیر معرفی شدند …
فعلا متن دلیل داوران را به صورت انگلیسی میگذاریم و بزودی ترجمه آن را هم براتون قرار میدیم …
Now let’s reveal this year’s Top 10 Finalists (in no particular order):

By Christine Johns (St. Peter Port, Guernsey Photo Walk)
There’s a joy and timelessness about this photo that really drew me to it. I love how the store windows she’s running by are empty, so there’s really nothing there to draw you away from her expression and movement — it looks like she’s running for the sheer joy of running, which is an awesome thing. I also feel the black and white treatment really suits the image. Very nicely done.

By Tamer Nour (Cairo, Egypt Photo Walk)
There’s such an interesting perspective and angle to this shot, and the contrast of colors between the cool outside and almost greenish color inside, just makes for a really interesting photo. Did the man walking away just come from inside that room? I think the shot creates that feeling that it does — that it’s somehow all tied together. I also love the walking gesture of the man — he seems like he’s happy — even strutting though we can’t see his face or expression. This one caught me immediately.

By Navin Bahirwani (Hyderabad, Telangana India Photo Walk)
There weren’t nearly as many architectural images submitted this year as in previous years, and that might have helped this one to stand out, but I think the overall symmetry, color and design of the interior just makes it so interesting. The blue colors in the adjacent rooms really adds quite a bit, as do the two windows up high on either side. I love the bright outside of the window panes just above the left stairs. There’s a lot more going on here than first meets the eye.

By Sakhile Vanqa (Columbus, OH Photo Walk)
Such a simple shot, but very intriguing. If that one bird to the right of center wasn’t flaring its wings, it wouldn’t be as strong a shot, but it is, and so it is. I imagine the photographer took more than just this one shot of this scene, and perhaps he was drawn to this frame for some reason. It’s that interruption of the pattern that makes a difference, and the solid white background, and seeing the two buildings on either side — it’s a really simple but powerful image. Kudos.

By Catherine Lewis (Grand Rapids, Ohio Photo Walk)
This shot is just so beautiful. The patterns in the reflection in the water are just gorgeous, and the whole image looks like a watercolor painting. Good eye to capture this subtle, beautiful image.

By Genua Antonio (Livorno, Tuscany, Italy Photo Walk)
How did this simple photo of a dog make the cut? It’s because of the composition — it’s really on the money. The low angle, the position of the dog, the position of the people in the background, the placement of the horizon line, the leading lines in the barriers and the tile — it just all comes together in a very neat way. If you see this as just a dog napping, you’re not “seeing” yet.

By Viven Balsomo (Singapore, Singapore Photo Walk)
When I first saw this image full-screen, I immediately liked it because of the composition and colors, but when I read the sign, it took on more meaning and a humorous slant as well. Great timing and well composed.

By Jonas Hellsén (Stockholm, Sweden Photo Walk)
This is a really nice use of an HDR effect without going over-the-top and keeping everything very subtle. This shows a real maturation of the HDR look and my hat’s off to the photographer for how their look has evolved. The bikes in the background help convey the timelessness of this image, which I really think helps to take it over the top. Nicely composed image; good subject; great post processing.

By Chris McNaught (Boise, ID United States (East End) Photo Walk)
It’s hard to take a fruit shot that doesn’t look like a snapshot, but the combination of colors (dig the blue containers), and the composition of the scene is just a winner. Liked it the moment it appeared on my screen, and it kept making the cut again and again. Nice job.

By Joel Schilling (New York, New York Photo Walk)
There are a lot of “shot through the store window” shots entered this year but none more captivating than this one, which makes you want to know what kind of store/business is this, and what are they doing. There’s so many cool things going on in this image, from the color to the round reflections in the window,  the out-of-focus versus in focus areas, but it’s the people that draw you into the story and make you want to learn more. Really a brilliant image on so many levels.
ده تصویر فوق بعنوان Top 10 های امسال از طرف سایت اسکات کلبی معرفی شده اند.
ایشان در بیانیه خود در مورد انتخاب تصاویر اعلام کردند که با توجه به شایستگی اکثر تصاویر ، انتخاب براشان بسیار دشوار بود ولی بالاخره در بین این همه تصویر خوب می بایست برترین ها را با دلایلی انتخاب کند و همینطور برنده جایزه بزرگ را که در پست بعدی به آن اشاره خواهم کرد
شایسته آن باشد که به این داوری احترام گذاشت ، چون تصاویر بسیار زیبایی و در خور برنده شدن انتخاب شده اند ..
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